Soak up the Florida sun while completing weekly grocery shopping on Cape Coral property. Residents find it simple to create delicious farm to table meals while supporting the local market. At the Cape Coral Farmers Market area farmers and other vendors proudly display fresh produce and other foods and goods straight from the source.

Fruits and vegetables are set in a colorful array. Juicy oranges stand out bright next to groups of apples in shades of red, yellow and green. Peppers add more than a splash of color as well and are clustered next to green beans and lettuce. Eggplant and purple potatoes come straight from the farm. Chose from high quality meats and seafood for dinner’s main course. Jams and jellies crafted with care are presented near freshly baked breads. Honey from the hive is packed full of its own natural sweetness. There’s more than food in the aisles. Flowers, trees, and plants add pleasant landscaping details to any residence. Lingering patrons are tempted by crafts and other unique items. Hungry tummies find plenty to satisfy appetites at ready to eat stands.

Families from Cape Coral Homes Cook Up a Storm

Two Cape Coral property locations please shoppers. Found at Cape Harbour, the Cape Coral Farmers Market is in full swing September through May. Once wrapped up for the season the Downtown Market takes over in the Club Square by October. Both markets are held on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Year round and close by, a third location is held on Tuesdays by The Shops At Surfside.

A lively vibe fills the day with music free flowing from the stage. With smiling faces, sunshine and fun it’s a no brainer to skip the busy grocery store for the outdoors. Simple times are often the best and many families make Saturday shopping a tradition. Lists are made, meals chosen and home cooked dishes placed on the table together as the desired result. As the days of the year meander along so does the produce. Fruits and veggies in season are vibrant and bursting with flavor. The Cape Coral website provides a sneak peek at what’s ripe and ready as well as tasty recipes to try in the kitchens of Cape Coral homes.