Search Cape Coral Lots and Find the Spot for Your Dream Home

Cape Coral lots offer the chance to build your ideal house.If you’ve ever dreamed of building a home just like you’ve always wanted, Cape Coral lots are for you. Cape Coral began to be developed in the 1950s. The land was divided into quarter-acre parcels and sold to investors. Since then, about a third of the land has been developed. Every year, around 10,000 people move to the city, and construction is happening on new Cape Coral lots all the time. This also means that builders flock to the city, so there are plenty of great companies to work with to design and build your dream home.

There are many choices when you shop Cape Coral lots. If you want access to the Gulf of Mexico, be careful about where you choose to invest. Direct access lots allow for a sailboat. Other lots might require you to go through a lock or lift or under a bridge. Lots in the southwest quadrant of the city are closer to the gulf, while those in the northern areas are farther away. For those who want to do lots of boating, the right location must be balanced against the price of the land.

New Cape Coral Lots Are Available with Access to the Gulf and Fresh Water

Freshwater access lots are also very desirable. These give you all the boating potential of a Gulf access lot but with a much smaller price tag. In addition, freshwater lots offer easy access to fishing. People who enjoy being in nature and observing wildlife will find ample opportunity to explore with freshwater property.

Finally, there are lots that don’t have water access. Given the geography of Cape Coral, the water is never far away, however. While the typical Cape Coral lot is a quarter acre or 80 feet by 125 feet, there are also larger lots, called “triples”, that measure 120 feet by 125 feet. These lots allow you to dream bigger and build a more spacious home.

Come visit Cape Coral soon, so you can find the right part of the city to build the home you’ve always wanted.

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