Explore the wilds of Cape Coral real estate and play all day at Rotary Park. Acres of wetlands highlight Florida flora and fauna. The Glover Bight trail meanders through the park and a preserve area with mangroves wetlands. Ending at Glover Bight shallow flats mixed with oyster bars provides a perfect spot for viewing native birds. Walkers appreciate the beauty of the natural surroundings throughout.

Featuring a boardwalk and several observation towers visitors easily spot critters calling this their Cape Coral home. Recognized as part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, birdwatchers are delighted with the variety of feathered friends around. A list of birds eagerly searched for can be found here and includes woodpeckers, egrets, eagles, and herons.

Youngsters from Cape Coral Homes Play All Day Long

The delicate beauty of nature is also enjoyed in the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly House. Complimentary tours are given each Monday, Friday and Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Docents impart knowledge of resident species and how to attract them to Cape Coral real estate backyard gardens. Educational classes and other activities are held in the environmental center. Youngsters expel all their energies on the Liam J. Perk playground. Workout stations are strategically placed among the landscape adding spots for increased physical activity for adults and walkers on the move. Nearby Donna’s Reflection Garden sets the mood for peaceful contemplation.

Families love to gather together with friends at Rotary Park. The Wagging Tails Dog Park makes it possible for family furbabies to spend some time with canine pals as well. Little dogs and large dogs have their own areas for running, jumping and rolling over. Human counterparts find places in the shade to supervise and mingle on their own.

Rotary Park is filled with beautiful spots ideal for relaxing with a good book. Books are available at the Little Lending Library found onsite. Borrowers are asked to return the novels when finished and maybe add a new story or two for others to enjoy as well.